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The company brand is the company promise to the marketplace. It is the message, quality, personality, and differentiation that make the organization or product unique. It’s company image. Developing a brand begins with an understanding of the product or company strengths, positioning within the marketplace, as well as consumer perception.

Prasa Informatics can help out to determine where the brand is and where it wants to be. Through competitive market analysis, we will expose company brand’s key differentiators and recognize marketplace opportunities. We conduct inquisitive exercises to formulate the language, personality, and tone of the organization. And by analyzing business objectives, we are able to build a strategic communication plan that assists in taking company brand to market.

Prasa Informatics experienced consultants will help out visually and verbally to express company brand’s identity. Company Logo, trademarks, and taglines will be designed or redesigned to convey company brand with razor-sharp precision. The company identity will also speak through color, text and photography. Prasa Informatics will provide an identity design system that ensures consistency while empowering entire organization with that entire company brand has to offer.

Some organizations already have an established brand presence but are in need of brand translation as they migrate across various media. By understanding the strengths, personality, and consumer perceptions of the company brand—as well as identity standards—we are able to effectively translate the company brand and identity across multiple mediums. In the end, Prasa Informatics will help out forge the blueprint for implementing the company brand and identity across various media and differentiate it in competitive marketplaces.


Strategically position of company through an analysis of internal organization and competitive industry landscapeIncrease the company’s market share by designing and implementing a brand strategy and identity that differentiates the organization within the marketplace.Reduce marketing and communication costs through designed identity systems and pre-built media applicationsCommunicate the company, product, or services to internal and external constituents through effective brand planningRich understanding of business organizations, processes, and strategiesProfessional experience in brand development and translation across multiple mediaProven methodology that integrates client strategy with design and implementationTrusted partner relationships that expand service offeringsConsulting background focuses on producing measurable resultsIncrease revenueDecrease costsImprove employee efficiencyExpand market reachStrengthen business relationshipsImprove customer satisfaction Finding cost savings by integrating business applications and processes with flexible and scalable long-term solutionsMaximizing the return-on-investment from the Web site and core business system implementations by creating tight inter-application integrationHaving real-time access to more accurate and timely business data to make better decisions, reduce cycle times and increase operational efficienciesSelecting the right technical architectures and vendor products to maximize efficiencies and compliment your existing and future state enterprise architectureCreating integration between co-existing business units as well as for the assimilation of mergers and acquisitionsLinking to and collaborating with a variety of customers and partners with different needs or standards directly or through market exchanges

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